The Owen Honor Code

The Honor Code

All Vanderbilt students are bound by the Honor System inaugurated in 1875 when the university opened its doors. Fundamental responsibility for the preservation of the system inevitably falls on the individual student. It is assumed that students will demand of themselves and their fellow students complete respect for the university Honor System.

By registration, all students acknowledge the authority of the Owen Graduate School of Management Honor Council. By Orientation, all Owen Graduate School of Management students must be familiar with the Owen Honor Code; during Orientation they will sign a pledge of compliance.

Honor code pledge

I acknowledge that I have read the Honor Code of the Owen Graduate School of Management and I hereby pledge my support and agree to be bound by the stated and intended principles therein stated. Further, I understand my responsibilities as a student and realize that a plea of ignorance of the Honor Code is not a defense to any charge brought against me by the Honor Council. I further understand that I am required to report all known and suspected violations of the Honor Code to a member of the Honor Council.

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