Ask an Executive MBA Alum

Hear from Vanderbilt Executive MBA alumni as they speak about their experience in the program.


What is the value of the Owen Alumni network

Executive MBA: Alumni Network

Heather Horne, Michael McSurdy, and Tim Gary speak about their experience as part of the alumni network
How did you balance school with everything else in your life

Executive MBA: Balance

Jay Mead, Patricia Carter, and Patrick Quirk speak about juggling the program, work, and life in general
Tell me about your Classmates

Executive MBA: Classmates

Adam Shirley, Patrick Quirk, and Robert Conger speak about their interactions and experiences with their classmates
What is it like for those who live outside of Nashville

Executive MBA: Commuting Experience

Jay Mead speaks about his commuting experience, and what he liked about it
Why did you pursue this degree

Executive MBA: Decision Process

Patrick Quirk speaks on his engineering background and his need for a broader understanding of finance and strategy
Would you pay for this program out of your own pocket

Executive MBA: Economic Value

Tim Gary and Daniel Fundo give their opinions regarding the expense of the program
How does your family deal with your absence

Executive MBA: Family

Michael McSurdy, Nonprofit scholarship recipient, speaks about his family experience
EMBA-Finding Time for the Program

Executive MBA: Finding Time

Tim Gary speaks about how the program is like two full time jobs, and that time management is essential
How valuable is this degree to nonprofits

Executive MBA: Nonprofit Benefits

Michael McSurdy, Nonprofit scholarship recipient, speaks about the value of his his MBA in the nonprofit world
What is the difference between the MBA and the Executive MBA

Executive MBA: Program Differences

Tim Gary and Michael McSurdy speak about the student differences between the full time MBA program and the Executive Program
What did your Spouse think about the program

Executive MBA: Spouse Experience

Hema D'Souza, wife of an Executive student speaks about the realities of family life during the program
Does anything Surprise you about the Program

Executive MBA: Surprises

Heather Diebold speaks about being surprised at the time commitment and at how much she valued the learning she received from her fellow students
I s Vanderbilt worth it

Executive MBA: Overall Value

Daniel Fundo and Patrick Quirk give examples of how, the word Vanderbilt MBA on their resumes, opened the door to a job and financial backing

Executive MBA Alumni Panelists

Adam_Shirley Thumbnail Adam Shirley, Executive MBA 2009
Mobility Application Consultant
Michael_McSurdy Thumbnail Michael McSurdy, Executive MBA 2009
Vice President, Programs
Oasis Center
Daniel_Fundo Thumbnail Daniel Fundo, Executive MBA 2009
Clinical Enterprise Business Administrator
St Jude Children's Research Hospital
Patricia_Carter Thumbnail Patricia Carter, Executive MBA 2009
Senior Manager, Global Market Development
Smith & Nephew Clinical Therapies
Heather_Diebold Thumbnail Heather Diebold, Executive MBA 2007
Senior Auditor
Caterpillar Financial Services
Patrick_Quirk Thumbnail Patrick Quirk, Executive MBA 2009
President and COO
Integr8 Networks, LLC
Oniel_DSouza Thumbnail O'Neil D'Souza, Executive MBA 2009
Senior Director, IT Strategy
Robert_Conger Thumbnail Robert Conger, Executive MBA 2009
Global Product and Business Development Manager, Asia-Pacific
ADTRAN Hong Kong
Hema_DSouza Thumbnail Hema D'Souza
Spouse of O'Neil D'Souza, Executive MBA 2009
Tim_Gary Thumbnail Tim Gary, Executive MBA 2006
Adams & Reese, LLP
Jay_Mead Thumbnail Jay Mead, Executive MBA 2009
Manager, Performance & Solutions

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