Campus Visits

See why our place is the right place for you.

Time and again, prospective MBA students who become Vanderbilt students say, "The visit sealed it!" Check out our Visit Vanderbilt video for just a hint of why they say this. Then schedule a visit to our campus to see for yourself.

What makes the difference?

Maybe it's because we treat you like an individual—not a number—from the moment we meet you or we help you focus on your career success from the moment you apply.

Perhaps it's our beautiful campus in a city that's simply a great place to live. Maybe it's the incredible students you meet when you step into our building.

Could it be the exposure to renowned, yet friendly faculty who welcome you into their classrooms? Or maybe it's the chance to learn more about our curriculum that's simultaneously rigorous and flexible. Take your pick.

The Vanderbilt experience is all this and more. Come to our campus and see for yourself.

Arrange a Campus Visit

We are delighted that you are considering visiting the Vanderbilt University campus in Nashville, Tennessee. Visiting Owen and meeting current faculty and students is a great way to determine whether Vanderbilt is the right business school for you. Graduate business education represents a large investment both in terms of time and money. You are wise to research schools thoroughly.

A campus visit offers you an insider's view and is the best way to gain a realistic impression of life as an Owen student. You're welcome to visit our campus at any time during normal business hours, but we recommend that you join us for an official campus visit to get the full campus experience.

Before scheduling an evaluative interview, please read the Campus Visit FAQs.

Schedule Your Campus Visit

What does a campus visit entail? 

The basic campus visit lasts from about 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and consists of the following:

  • Evaluative Interview or Information Session (optional)
  • Lunch with a current student
  • Class Visit
  • Small Group Session with a Career Management Coach

When are campus visits offered?

  • Monday through Thursday while classes are in session. 

How do I schedule a class visit?

Ideally, you should schedule your visit at least two weeks in advance so that we can organize your day on campus and send you a personal itinerary. Scheduling your visit with enough notice will also allow you to make your travel plans accordingly.

Here are the simple steps to set up your visit:

  1. Review available dates for a visit
  2. Complete the campus visit registration form (click here)
  3. Wait 48 hours before finalizing your travel arrangements because we will contact you within the given window if we foresee a problem arranging your campus visit as requested.

You can assume that you will be on campus from approximately 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM to take part in all campus visit activities. You will receive your personalized itinerary from the Campus Visit team approximately one week prior to your visit.

Do you have these questions?

  • How much are scholarships worth?
  • Are there scholarships available for rising second-year students?

These answers and more in our FAQs. Click here.

Campus Visit Video

"Come for a Visit" Video

There is no better way to experience Owen and Vanderbilt than to come for a visit.

MBA Multimedia Gallery

MBA Student Vanderbilt
Fernando Valdés
MBA 2017

Human Resources Manangement Associate Citi

I came to visit Vanderbilt and I just loved everything about it and I explored Nashville and Nashville was the type of city I wanted to be in.

Ami Sheth
Ami Sheth
MBA 2009

Brand Management Intern

I was convinced that coming to Owen was a good choice but it was when I met the student body that I fell in love with Owen. Then my decision was solidified.