MBA Class Profile

Vanderbilt MBA students represent a wide range of backgrounds, industries and experiences. We are proud of the previous experiences of our students.

MBA Class of 2018
Class Size 175
Average Age 28
Age Range 21-40
Demographic Background
Women 30%
Men 70%
Minorities as Percent of US Citizens 20%
International Students 29%
Military 7%
Married/Engaged 24%
Mean Years of Work Experience 5.3
Academic Stats
Mean Undergraduate GPA 3.4
GPA Range (Middle 80%) 3.3-3.5
Mean GMAT Score 691
GMAT Range (Middle 80%) 616-720
Mean TOEFL Score 107
Countries Represented Top Undergraduate Institutions Represented
Brazil Indiana University
Canada Southern Methodist University
China University of Arizona
Colombia University of California
Ecuador University of Georgia
Ethiopia University of Kentucky
France University of Pennsylvania
Germany University of Texas
Ghana Vanderbilt University
Honduras Indian Institute of Technology
South Africa  
South Korea  
United Kingdom  
United States  
Geographic Representation
Northeast 14%
Mid-Atlantic 11%
South 38%
Southwest   15%
Midwest 10%
West 12%


> 10% of Owen students have another Masters degree (or are currently working on one)
> 206 Undergrad Institutions Represented in the MBA Student Body

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