Master of Management in Health Care FAQs

Program Information

Who should attend this program?

This program is designed for working clinicians, physicians, and nurse managers who are in—or will be moving into—management roles within a private or public health care delivery organization. It is also suited for non-clinicians who are tasked with managing clinical employees. With few exceptions, we expect these individuals to be sponsored by their current employers. Candidates should have at least five years of relevant work experience and a demonstrated track record within the organization to fully benefit from this program.

Can students apply the Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care credit hours to the MBA or Executive MBA degree?

No. The curriculum has been designed specifically for this program and for those employed in health care delivery.

What is the class size for the Master in Management in Health Care program?

The Master of Management in Health Care program admits between 30 to 35 students per year.

Does the schedule allow for breaks and holidays?


Does the Master of Management in Health Care program offer CME credit?

No. This is a degree program; as such, Continuing Medical Education credit is not awarded.

How much time will students need to devote to the program?

Classes will be held 3½ hours on Thursday nights and roughly 14 hours over one weekend (Friday and Saturday) per month. In addition, students should expect to spend an additional 10 hours per week outside of class on self study and work related to the Capstone Project.

Admissions Criteria

Why does the program require five years of work experience and a demonstrated track record?

The program is designed for working professionals who seek to advance their careers within the sponsoring organizations;  admission standards are designed to ensure a student’s success while in—as well as after—the program.  Having demonstrated promotion or résumé progression or supervisory responsibility reflects a student’s likelihood of influence and upward mobility within the organization as well as their ability to contribute to the classroom interaction and project team.

How to Apply

If I’m sponsored, do I still need to meet admission requirements?

Yes. All applicants—sponsored or unsponsored-will be reviewed by an admissions committee, and considered individually.


What is meant by sponsorship?

The Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care was designed in collaboration with health care delivery organizations looking for ways to help their physicians and other clinical managers bridge the management gap and, in doing so, equip them to manage people, processes and initiatives for the company. As a sponsor, the organization identifies the appropriate candidates for the program, pays all or part of the cost of the program for these employees, and supports these individuals as they balance their organizational workload with the requirements of the program.

What’s the benefit in sponsoring employees?

This program encourages students to intelligently and immediately apply their new-found knowledge and skills to improve on the job performance in ways that benefit their employers. In addition, the program helps multiple employees within the same organization hone their teamwork skills while addressing a strategic, real-world problem facing the sponsoring organization during the Capstone Project. As a result, this program is ideally suited for organizations that wish to sponsor multiple students.

Do I need a sponsor?

We will consider a limited number of health care professionals who are not sponsored on a space available basis. They will need to meet admission requirements and—unless self employed—have  the endorsement—e.g., a recommendation to attend as well as support for fulfilling course requirements such as scheduled class time—from their employer.

If I am not sponsored, how will I be assigned to a Capstone Project?

Accepted students who are not sponsored may be grouped with others to work on a project of the faculty’s choosing rather than on a strategic initiative for their own organizations. Every effort will be made to assign a project in the student’s area of interest, but we cannot guarantee the outcome.

Are pricing incentives offered for organizations that sponsor multiple students?

No. Vanderbilt University policy does not allow discounts for degreed programs.

Tuition and Financing

How much does it cost to attend the Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care program?

Total cost for the Master of Management in Health Care Academic Year 2012-13 is $48,900. This includes $45,000 in tuition for the 30-credit hour program as well as $3,900 in fees for books, meals and other incidental expenses.

Are scholarships available?

Not at this time.

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