Guidelines and Policies

The following policies will help you have a more successful recruiting experience. Failure to follow the outlined policies may negatively impact your employment brand on-campus as students often discuss their experience with their peers. If you have any questions about recruiting at Vanderbilt, please contact

Employer Information

Interview Eligibility and Timelines

On-Campus Recruiting Blackout Dates

Communicating Candidate Status and Hiring Process

Disclosure of Policy Non-Compliance

Cancellation of Recruiting

Withdrawing an Offer/Acceptance

Delaying Start Dates


Guidelines for Job Offers

Making an offer to a student represents a significant—and valuable—commitment by the employer and the student as evidenced by Vanderbilt MBA and MS Finance students working for organizations around the world. To balance the needs of both students and employers, we have established the following policies for extending offers:

  • Exploding offers, defined as giving a candidate an unreasonably short period of time to accept an offer before it is revoked, are prohibited. In addition, if a student is taking an unreasonably long period of time to respond to an offer, please contact our office so we may address the issue with the student.
  • All students must receive an offer letter. The beginning of the offer period coincides with the date of the offer letter.
  • First year MBA students receiving internship offers in HR/HOP should be given three weeks to respond to job offers.
  • First year MBA students receiving internship offers in Investment Banking should be given until January 15th or three weeks to respond to job offers.
  • All other first year MBA students receiving summer internship offers should be given until February 17, 2018 or three weeks, whichever is longer, to respond to job offers.

We recognize that some situations may require a faster response. In these instances, please inform the CMC staff of the situation as soon as possible. Any student issue regarding a job offer is handled individually between the CMC staff and the employer.