Every year, individuals from a diverse mix of professions, managerial levels, industries and locations choose the Vanderbilt Executive Education Short Programs to “sharpen their saws,” learn new skills and adopt new perspectives with the goals of advancing their careers and their companies.

Meet just a few of these individuals who earned a Vanderbilt Certificate.


Stephanie Iorio

Manager, Client Services
American Data Network

This was a transformational learning experience for me.  The Executive Education Courses armed me with tools and techniques that will ultimately increase the value that I bring to my organization.  I was able to engage in candid dialogue with business leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, gaining unique perspectives and strategies for success.  Through interactions with attendees and instructors, I was able to develop a broader vision for my organization, myself, and the future.


Christopher Garcia

Director, Cyber Security Management Center
Department of Transportation

I decided to enroll in the Executive Education programs as a part of continuing education and to sharpen my skills as a leader. The certificate is a valuable goal and provides my senior leadership the recognition that their expenditures for this training led to recognition of accomplishment. Come prepared to be transformed into a different kind of leader.  Be open to the concepts and you will indeed be transformed.

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Steven S. Hill

President and CEO
AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.

The Vanderbilt Executive Education is an excellent choice for top notch continued education in leadership, management or a variety of other topics of study. The professors are knowledgeable, experienced and well-spoken professionals who combine solid academic concepts with excellent real-world examples and interactions with other students from a diverse set of industries and leadership experiences.

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Carol Rice

Director of Consumer Retail and Export Specialty Products
LP Building Products

It has been a while since I completed my MBA and as my areas of responsibility evolve and expand, I wanted to reinforce my previous education, as well as explore new business concepts and skills. The Vanderbilt Executive Education offered the courses I was looking for and they fit into my schedule.

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Gary Seay

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Community Health Systems

The Vanderbilt Executive Education is a great, focused investment in your career and competency. The diverse mix of courses provides professionals with an excellent opportunity to refresh one’s thinking, enthusiasm and management skills.

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Mary Duvanich, RN, MSN

Administrative Director, Surgery and GI
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

I wanted to participate in educational opportunities that would not take me out of Nashville. The Vanderbilt Executive Education was the perfect resource. This was a very positive experience for me, both personally and professionally.

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Katharine Jolson

Reporter and Production Assistant

My classmates consisted of a diverse group from all different backgrounds, professions and areas of the country. My peer interactions during the programs were not only interesting but also highly insightful. I know that many of us will stay in touch as our professional networks continue to grow.

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Hans Lee Gorrell Crouse

Manager, Assembly Engineering and Maintenance
Mercedes Benz US International

The professionalism, diverse backgrounds and varied experience level of my peers in each class provided a unique insight into the common challenges facing all leaders in today’s competitive business environment.

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Sherry Bird

Director, Business Development
American Data Network

Every session, without an exception, provided me with a key takeaway for implementation—a process for increased productivity, a creative approach to product development or a new marketing tactic. The intimate setting and engaging instructors made the educational sessions more productive and relevant for the attendees.


Kirk Tanksley

Vice President/General Manager
Asurion, Inc.

I wanted to broaden my skill set and expand the dynamics of my thinking. It is important that I look for ways to stretch myself mentally. I want to stay sharp and aware of the evolving business landscape and Vanderbilt’s Short programs allow me that opportunity.

Short Program Videos

Executive Education Short Program Overview

Executive Education Short Program Overview

Vanderbilt Executive Education offers 2-3 Day short programs focused on specific leadership, management or operational skills that help foster career growth.
Executive Education: Leading Change (Short Program)

Executive Education: Leading Change (Short Program)

Vanderbilt Executive Education offers Leading Change, a 2 day short program offered twice a year on Vanderbilt's Campus.
Executive Education: Communication Strategies for Senior Leadership (Short Program)

Executive Education: Communication Strategies for Senior Leadership (Short Program)

Vanderbilt Executive Education offers Communication Strategies for Senior Leadership -a 2 day short program offered twice a year on Vanderbilt's Campus.
Executive Education Certificates of Excellence

Executive Education Certificates of Excellence

Vanderbilt Executive Education offers several Certificates of Excellence - a combination of 4 short programs that, when completed earn the participant a Branded, recognized Certificate from Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management.