Snapshot into Accelerator

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Accelerator-Vanderbilt Summer Business Institute combines hands-on experience solving real-world problems for real companies with classroom learning from world-class faculty. This snapshot into Accelerator is just a sampling of three days in the life of an Accelerator student. 

Work at a fast pace, network with upper-level managers and, in the end, achieve more than you could have ever imagined.

Day 1
8:00 am

Marketing Strategy and Brand Management

Professor Steve Hoeffler discusses the marketing of new products and the advantages of strong brands.
10:00 am

Craft your Personal Brand

Professor Kimberly Pace helps you understand the unique value you will bring to a company.
11:00 am

Creativity and World Changing Ideas

Stay alert! This class, taught by guest speaker and Vanderbilt Professor Bob Isherwood is exactly what you need to serve as a consultant for top companies this week.
1:00 pm

Client Visit

After lunch, you're headed to Mars Petcare to do field research as a consultant, solving an issue top executives have brought to your attention.
6:00 pm

Teamwork for Client

Once back at Owen, you're asked to map out the next day, solving a problem for a different company: Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee.
Day 2
8:00 am

Build a Business Case

Professor David Furse, a 30-year marketing professor and business strategy consultant, teaches you how to strategize with your business clients.
10:00 am

Marketing Strategy and Brand Management

Professor Steve Hoeffler, former consultant for Proctor & Gamble, IBM and Fujitsu, returns to arm you with the latest tools and knowledge in how to tell your client's story.
11:00 am

Deloitte Informational Session

On to Deloitte to hear about a key marketing plan executives need from you.  While there, you'll have the opportunity to explore various career paths, get an inside look into which one is best for you and enjoy lunch.
12:30 pm

Emerging Media

Hear from Emerging Media Coordinator Brooks Thomas from Southwest Airlines, a leader in social media, about the newest technologies that are making waves in the business world.
2:00 pm

Presentation Skills that Stick

Professor Kimberly Pace is back with information to ensure your team's project presentation is anything but ordinary.
4:00 pm

Dress Rehearsal for Client Presentation

Your team is holding dress rehearsal for the big presentation tomorrow at Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee.  Every aspect of your proposal has to be perfect, as the CEO himself will be in the room critiquing your suggestions to the organization's issue.
Day 3
7:00 am

Business Breakfast

Grab your coffee! It's time to network with more than 50 business executives at the Business Breakfast.  Who knows? One of them could be your next boss!
9:00 am

Presentation to Client

Upper-level management at Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee is hearing your team's final presentation complete with your solutions about how to solve their issue.
10:00 am

Judging, Feedback and Presentation Evaluations

Vanderbilt professors and top executives at Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee give you specific feedback on your presentation and whether or not they think your solutions will work.
1:00 pm

Managerial Economics

After lunch, Professor Luke Froeb, who served as Director of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission, provides you with theory to understand the business world and the outside influences that affect it.
4:00 pm

Creativity and Innovation

Professor David Owens opens your mind to endless possibilities for developing unique ideas in your business solutions.
5:00 pm

Team Session

Meet with your team and determine how you will solve Mars Petcare's business issue.  Through research, brainstorming, plus theory you've learned this week, you can apply your knowledge to develop solutions that benefit this company.


You've survived three days of a life-changing experience, but there is so much more to come. Join this program today and do more than you ever imagined!