What Parents Are Saying

Michael Gottfried Michael Gottfried
Vanderbilt University, Economics Major

From parents Margie & PG Gottfried...The best investment we have ever made in Michael’s education was the Accelerator program. He worked above and beyond any previous class or program and loved every minute of it. Michael not only learned what is necessary to be successful in business, he lived it. At the end of the program he was offered a paid internship at HCA. The internship was an extension of his Accelerator experience and it turned out to be a huge success. We believe that Michael now has the tools and the confidence to move forward in whatever direction he chooses, something that might have taken many more years had he not participated in the Accelerator program.

Emily Agostino Emily Agostino
Vanderbilt University, Economics & Math Major

From parents Diane & Frank Agostino...We know that finding one’s real passion in life makes ‘working’ days both productive and, more important, enjoyable. While Emily’s exact occupation is still undetermined, her junior year studies have taken on new meaning. Following the Accelerator program, she earned an internship at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Her resume also now includes work for American Airlines, FedEx and Whirlpool to name a few. The Accelerator program was an invaluable experience for Emily.

Cory CarpenterCory Carpenter
Vanderbilt University, Economics & Finance Major

From parents Bev & Gary Carpenter... Just a quick note of appreciation for the development and delivery of perhaps the finest business educational program we have ever witnessed. Vanderbilt’s Accelerator program was truly an incredible growing experience for Cory. We have seen more growth, maturity and confidence resulting from the program than we ever imagined. Accelerator helped to instill an overall confidence level that is "through the roof," and Cory is certainly well positioned now to tackle future business opportunities.