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Leadership Development

We've designed Vanderbilt's Leadership Development Program (LDP) to give you ample practice as both leader and team member. Our LDP assesses, defines and refines your leadership abilities to help you advance your career. You will build the skills that research shows correlate most highly with performance and promotion.

Unlike most MBA programs, our LDP is individualized to you. It includes industry tools and assessments used by Fortune 500 CEOs to master strengths and minimize derailers. It's like your own personal continuous quality improvement program that you can draw on throughout your career.

You'll be improving your technical skills and business acumen every week in class;our one-on-one coaching program, where you will have your own executive coach, will help you turn those new skills into success at work.

Whether you have come to the program wanting to transition to a different job or function in your desired career path, move up within your current organization, become a subject matter expert in your field or explore entrepreneurial opportunities, the underlying goal is the same for all students…to continue to learn, grow and develop your individual capacity as a leader. Here's a snapshot detailing each of the ways we help you get there:

EMBA Leadership Development

Surya Misra Surya Misra
Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2013
IT Director, Emdeon Corporation

In class we learn the basics and the theory and I found that in the Leadership Development Program we learn how it is done. In real life. For example, I could learn about designing the corporate training program from the class on strategic alignment of human capital, but I could learn the practical aspects of the implementation of such a program in the organizational environment (such as which parts are more useful, more meaningful, more cost-effective, more challenging) through the LDP. Many times, the LDP is like being in an executive’s shoes in a low-intensity/risk environment. Access to these resources in a mentorship environment is not easy outside of LDP. I found the program extremely valuable and tried to attend as many sessions as I could.