Return on Investment

Built into our core curriculum are apply-it-now experiences that reinforce the new knowledge you gain by putting it to work right away. As a result, you (and your employer) begin to enjoy an immediate return on your MBA investment. In fact, it's not unusual for students to earn promotions, with greater responsibilities and higher salaries, while they're still in the program. Meanwhile, the knowledge you gain and peer network you build will serve you throughout your career. And, after you graduate, your company can be among those that a future C-Team serves for its Capstone Strategy Project, extending your ROI even further.

ROI for you.

Organizational credibility
Vanderbilt Executive MBA students find that they earn higher standing in the workplace, resulting in frequent invitations to contribute to organizational initiatives in new, meaningful ways.

Recognition by those at the top
The program is designed to give all students—even those who are not sponsored—stretch assignments that will catch the attention of the executive team and benefit the company in new ways. And successes from the Capstone Strategy Project will encourage dialogue with executives at work.

Career and salary growth
Even during a slow economic recovery, only one year into the program 26 percent of our graduates in the Executive MBA Class of 2014 reported a salary increase, well above the standard cost-of-living adjustment for their companies. And, even more impressive, 58 percent of the class acquired greater budget or management responsibility or a promotion before graduation.

Self-awareness and confidence
Graduates cite dramatic improvements in their time management skills as well as their self-confidence and the knowledge that they have the capabilities to set and achieve aggressive personal and organizational goals.

ROI for your organization.

Immediate solutions to pressing issues

From Day One, Vanderbilt Executive MBA students are able and encouraged to apply classroom and project learning to real- time issues and opportunities at the office. Along with their own insights, they bring to their offices the best practices of their accomplished peers and distinguished Vanderbilt faculty.

An increase in the bottom line

Critical theories coupled with practical and provocative discussions prompt students to question “business as usual.” This questioning—when focused on a company’s cost structure, sales and marketing strategies and manufacturing processes—often results in million-dollar benefits to the bottom line.

Greater bench strength

Vanderbilt Executive MBA students offer employers new ideas and perspectives, new talents and vast resources in the way of access to Vanderbilt faculty, a strong alumni base and the databases and support services of a world-class business library.

Long-term loyalty of prized employees

Studies have shown that graduates of the Vanderbilt MBA program for executives remain loyal to their current employers, regardless of level of sponsorship. If not through tuition, companies tend to reward these employees—who produce valuable work and insight—at a level that motivates loyalty.

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Jeff Williams Jeff Williams
Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2011
Chief Financial Officer, TriStar Energy, LLC

The Vanderbilt Executive MBA program is hugely relevant. I experienced tremendous returns for my company, even after only one semester at Owen. I have decided that the program is not expensive, but engaging in business without it is..

Rahul Mehta Rahul Mehta
Vanderbilt Americas MBA 2013

Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric, Singapore

The program prepared me to transfer to new functions by broadening my skills in areas where I had gaps and broadening my perspective in general. I also built confidence that I could take on tough, new challenges and succeed. The Americas MBA was a good investment for my company and a great one for me.