Partner Day
Family Engagement

Your family is part of our family. Your whole family will be affected by your decision to pursue this career move. So we make a point of involving and welcoming them from the get-go—starting with an invitation to spouses and partners to attend our initial information sessions.

Once you enroll, your family becomes part of ours. Families come for cookouts, Vanderbilt football games and special family days. In these ways and many others, we help build a sense of community. That’s part of what we mean when we say we take business personally.

David Stockbower David Stockbower
Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2011

It meant so much to us that the program was welcoming to our whole family.

Macie Smitherman Macie Smitherman
Director of Operations, Executive MBA

We want our students to be successful. We want to know if there is anything that is keeping them from being successful and if we can help, we will.