Executive MBA Year Two

Building on a Strong Foundation

Year Two of our program picks up where many Executive MBA programs leave off. The curriculum will emphasize strategic aspects of building and managing an organization in a competitive global environment, integrating functional areas to optimize company performance.

You begin with your second Week-in-Residence, to refresh your team as you tackle new challenges. You’ll then take a deeper dive into some critical functions of successful organizations including strategic alignment of human capital, negotiation, creating and launching a new venture and advanced marketing topics as part of your Business Strategy Sequence—all courses that will support and prepare you for the Capstone Strategy Project, an exciting and intensive application of knowledge on behalf of a client company. 

Also during the second year, the focus moves beyond our borders starting in the spring; Managing the Global Enterprise provides insight and instruction while the International Residency allows you to closely evaluate and understand many international organizations at work. The second year also introduces Creating and Launching the Venture, the opportunity to develop a business plan for a start-up or an expansion into new areas, where you will become comfortable writing a business plan from scratch and presenting your ideas to venture capital firms for financing.


The number of miles traveled by the Executive MBA class of 2015 for its international residency in Shanghai & Seoul. A significant part of Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA curriculum focuses on international issues, helping you gain a global perspective that’s critical in today’s business world.