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Professional Development
Professional Development

Helping you become a complete professional

With our exclusive Professional Development Program, you will step up your leadership potential and increase your value to employers, giving you more marketable skills as you advance in your career. Early in the program, a leadership facilitator guides you through team-building exercises and discussions to help you leverage the learning from those experiences through a cycle of real-time feedback, reflection and self-correction.

Later in the program, you complete an individualized leadership assessment. You learn about your strengths, challenges that arise when you are in stressful situations, and insight into what motivates you. You learn how you might be perceived by others, and how that will work for you and against you as you work with and influence others. And you work with one of our leadership development professionals with prior public accounting experience to turn all this information into professional strategies you can take into your internship in Mod 3.

During the final seven weeks of the program, you collaborate with fellow MAcc Valuation students and a licensed executive coach who also works with professionals across multiple industries, functions and levels (including partner-level executives). Your executive coach will work with you and your peers post-internship to help you maximize your individual professional growth from your internship experience, and prepare you to take that learning into your full-time role post-graduation.  In addition, our leadership development professionals continue to be available to you for one-on-one coaching sessions if you desire additional individualized support.