Vanderbilt MBA Curriculum

Prepare to take on the world.

Few business schools prepare you for success like Vanderbilt does. It starts with academic rigor, under the leadership of outstanding faculty who have helped shape entire industries and fields of study. It includes an unusual degree of practical learning and real-world projects.

Owen also gives you the flexibility to shape your own curriculum to your needs and career goals. And the small-by-design closeness of our community means that you have opportunities to form deeper and more rewarding relationships with our faculty and staff.

Curriculum Structure

The Vanderbilt MBA academic calendar is based on a modular system of intensive courses, each seven weeks in length. Two "mods" equal one semester. Mods give you a fast start by allowing you to take courses in your chosen specialty as early as Mod 2 of your first year. You can complete significant study in your field of interest before taking on a summer internship. The total number of courses over a two-year period allows you the freedom and flexibility to take electives within your chosen specialty or branch out by taking courses in cross-functional areas of interest within Owen or other schools at Vanderbilt.

As a candidate for a Vanderbilt MBA, you will study on campus for two years for a minimum of 62 credit hours. During your first year you will receive an intense and immediate immersion in the fundamentals of management through 11 required Core courses. The majority of core courses are taken during the first two mods.

You have multiple options to customize your degree to your career goals. Each student will complete at least one concentration, which consists of 12 hours in a single discipline beyond the Core. Students are then free to take a wide variety of elective courses that best match their career aspirations. 

Students interested in a "deeper dive" into a discipline may choose to pursue a career-focused specialization of 20 credit hours. Emphases allow students to augment their course of study with 8 credit hours in one of three areas.

MBA Curriculum Chart

*Degree requirements and course information are subject to change; not all courses are offered every year.  Click here to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs. Current students should consult YES (Your Enrollment Services), Vanderbilt's online student services application for current course descriptions and course offerings.  

Ethics Integrated Throughout

As part of the required core curriculum foundation, faculty place ethics in a larger framework, teaching critical strategies to protect and practice integrity in the workplace. In addition, Vanderbilt students are bound by the Honor System, which was inaugurated when the university opened its doors in 1875. All students are required to read and sign the Honor Constitution of the Owen Graduate School of Management. All students take Business Ethics in either Mod 1 or Mod 2 of second year in program.

Learning Across Vanderbilt

Full-time Vanderbilt MBA students may take courses for credit at other Vanderbilt graduate schools with approval from the office of Academic Programs. Many students choose to take interdisciplinary classes at the Law School, Divinity School, Peabody School of Education, Medical School and the Nursing School. Students generally choose to take these classes during their second year. Popular options are language courses.