International Study

Global knowledge is essential to success in today’s economy, and Vanderbilt students receive considerable international experience that will give them an advantage in this rapidly changing marketplace. Students can choose from a wide range of electives with an international focus. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in international seminar/research trips and may also choose to study overseas through exchange programs with schools throughout the world.


Jeremy Bartlow Jeremy Bartlow
Vanderbilt MBA 2012

Having previously lived in Asia and Latin America, I wasn’t sure if an exchange program would add significant value to my MBA experience. Then I heard about the EBS May-mester program. EBS is a top-tier business school in Germany and it has a short one-month program in May. This works perfectly with Vanderbilt’s calendar year, allowing just enough time to complete a full internship without having to skip a mod of classes. In just under a month I was astounded at how much I learned about the European economy, the sovereign debt crisis, and German business and culture. As if that wasn’t enough, EBS is located in a picturesque town outside of Frankfurt and sitting right in the Rhine Valley where excellent Riesling wines are grown (and sold for about $4/bottle). I highly recommend all students to consider the exchange programs; you will probably get much more than you expect and you will not likely have a similar opportunity in the coming years.