Return on Investment

Every Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care participant enters the program with a different background and level of expertise in health care and leaves with a single commonality: a graduate degree in health care management with immediate and sustainable benefits for the individual and for his or her organization.

You benefit.

You may be highly proficient and committed to excellence in patient care, administration, or another technical area, but chances are good that you haven’t had the time or resources to acquire the management tools to complement your current skills. Without interrupting your career, the Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care helps you do the following:

  • Understand more fully your professional, management and leadership capabilities
  • Accelerate your career within your organization
  • Develop deep management-level knowledge and understanding of all business disciplines through formal management curriculum
  • Complement management training with interdisciplinary, team-based learning
  • Make an immediate impact in your organization by applying new business concepts and skills
  • Earn a master’s from Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, a top-tier business school—with course work developed by renowned faculty and recognized health care experts

From the moment you begin the Master of Management in Health Care program, you’ll return to your job with new skills and capabilities that will give you higher standing in the workplace and newfound credibility among the executive team. Your ability to apply classroom and project learning to real-time issues and opportunities on the job will further enhance your value and growth potential within your organization. The Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care will further increase your confidence and the knowledge that you have the management capabilities to set and achieve personal and organizational goals.

Your organization benefits.

Nowhere else provides more business-relevant solutions for health care professionals. By sponsoring emerging leaders, the organization

  • closes the skills gap between specialist and business manager for rising leaders,
  • provides a broader knowledge, formal training and interdisciplinary learning essential to addressing day-to-day business and industry issues affecting the organization,
  • hones your leaders' leadership and communication skills,
  • develops decision makers who can execute the organization’s health care business strategy,
  • realizes retention of your most promising managers and executives through their commitment to stay with the organization and advance their careers,
  • provides your employees with the recognition realized through completion of a rigorous training program from a national-recognized leader in health care management.

The program is optimized when several managers from the same organization are sponsored simultaneously. Why?

Bench Strength
From the study of marketing and finance to operations, accounting and staffing, participants build understanding of the business of health care for immediate application on the job. Organizations will find that their employee teams emerge from the Master of Management in Health Care with shared experience and perspectives that enhance their individual and collective organizational performance over the long term.

Forward Momentum on Organizational Initiatives
During the program’s one-year duration, participants work in teams on a Capstone Project in which they apply business concepts to a real-world problem, initiative or opportunity identified by or within the organization. Participating organizations note the capstone work more than offsetting the cost of tuition. With faculty supervision, participants hone teamwork skills and apply their newly gained knowledge to an organizational challenge. The result? Your participants will develop a stronger, more differentiated presence within your organization, and will have developed skills that are immediately and directly applicable to your pressing business needs.

Multi-Media Gallery

Nick Tazik Nick Tazik
MM Health Care Alum

Interactive Marketing Program Manager, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"At Owen,“I got access to authentic expertise, which is hard to find. Every professor is incredibly experienced and brings that experience to bear in the classroom."

Testimonial_Mary Duvanich Mary Duvanich
MM Health Care Alum

Administrative Director, Outpatient Surgery Patient Care Center, VUMC

"I have been able to apply much of the content to my work immediately. For example, some of the principles learned in Economics are helping me as we have conversations across the organization related to the direction of health care and what strategies we may or may not pursue to continue to be successful. The knowledge I gained in Accounting and Finance has a direct impact on my ability to create accurate business plans and proformas. The operational courses have strengthened my ability to assess the work on a day-to-day basis in the clinics I manage and guest lecturers like U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, former U.S. Majority Leader, Senator Frist, David Posch and Warren Beck have inspired me, challenged me, and given me the insight and encouragement to function at a higher level."